Things to Do in Destin

Visitors from around the globe know that the city is a world-class vacation destination, where the clear waters of the Gulf meet the pristine white sands. With plenty of comfortable accommodations, including the ever-popular Destin condo rentals, the city is a beautiful oasis is replete with plenty of attractions. Visitors can enjoy strolling along the Gulf Coast, waking up early enough to catch a glimpse of dolphins frolicking in the surf. Nights are the settings for spectacular sunsets, as the sun slowly sets beneath the waves off of Baytowne Wharf.

The city is also a popular spot for deep sea fishing, home to the annual Destin Fishing Rodeo where fishermen from all over the world come to compete for cash prizes, glory and fame. Several local charter companies offer unparalleled opportunities for anglers to ply the waters off of the coast, with a wide variety of game fish in abundance.

The city is also home to some of the country's best seafood, beginning with Royal Red Gulf shrimp caught just offshore. Other popular seafood delicacies include fresh oysters, lobster, and several varieties of tasty fish. Local restaurants offer fresh seafood at all budgets, ranging from take-out joints to fancy upscale restaurants. One thing is for sure - no one ever goes hungry when visiting this city!

For families searching for an enjoyable and refreshing vacation, the city is one of the most popular destinations in Florida. After enjoying the sun and surf, visitors can amble along the lovely Destin Commons, the renovated pedestrian area of the city, or do a little shopping at the Destin Sands Outlet Mall, where brand-name clothing and merchandise can be found at cut-rate prices.

Visitors can also partake in gorgeous views from along the harbor front from the vantage point of Baytowne Wharf. With plenty of local events and festivals throughout the year, the city is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year.

Although there are plenty of funky hotels and luxury hotels in the city, may visitors choose to take advantage of excellently-priced Destin condo rentals to make the most of their trip to this coastal paradise.

Baytowne on Ice

One of the events people can enjoy in Destin Florida this late Fall and winter season is Baytowne on Ice, located on the Baytowne Wharf, in the Apex Skating Pavilion. Who says it is too warm to skate in Florida?? Those who say it is not so, will find the options they need when they choose to skate Baytowne on Ice. it is one of the events to enjoy. Those who miss Northern cold weather may find it just one of the things they are looking for. Sunday, November 1st 2015 at 12:00am was the start date for this fabulous ice skating rink in Northern Florida.

End Date/Time:

Sunday, January 31st 2016 at 12:00am is the end date.So as you can see, you can participate in Baytowne on Ice the majority of the winter, and the rink is encompassing the whole of the holiday season. Make certain to make this ice festival one of the things you do in terms of something different in Florida. It is the way to get in touch with those winters you might be missing from up North.


This fantastic event is being held in Destin, Florida at the Baytowne Wharf. It is simply a great thing and one that you may get to find the options you are looking forward to. It is one of the many choices you can enjoy this holiday season. It is simply a way to get the skating you thought you would never see again. Bring your kids and the whole family. Skating at Baytowne Wharf in Destin is the way that kids in Florida who may never have seen snow or ice in their lifetime can participate in skating. Instead of sitting around letting your fruitcake digest, go skating in Florida of all places.

Skating at Baytowne is an event that well befits the winter season. An annual event that has kids of all ages ready to experience ice skating in sunny Florida is the Baytowne Ice Skate In December if you bring in an unopened toy you will receive a free skating session for 90 minutes to benefit Toys for Tots. This is one of the fun ways to help others in need. There is also BOGO skating Wednesdays in January. It is one of the events to participate in.

Those who are ready for this grand ice skating event will have the cold weather choices they need when they choose to participate. This is the fun city wide rink that many people will take advantage of when they choose to go skating in he city. Baytowne on Ice is a family event that you can make certain to take advantage of. The hours and days are conducive to let families enjoy the event.

Beginning November first and last through January, individuals can get the options they need when looking for the choices in quality skating ventures Baytowne is an indooor skating arena that allows individuals to skate to their hearts content. Baytowne on ice is simply set up for those who grew up North Floridians can get the options when you are looking forward to. it is just one of the fun options that you may need. it is simply a great choice that you are looking forward to.

Those who want fun will find it over the holiday season. It is just one of the ways that you get the excitement you are looking for. It is simply one of the ways to enjoy something different in Florida. Baytowne on Ice is a perfect family activity for those who enjoy ice skating. It is a nice change from sun and surf in Florida. It is one of the options that you can fin when you are looking for excitement. it is just a unique and fun way for families to enjoy their holiday season even if they are in Florida. It is a great way to play.

This is the perfect thing to do for those who are looking for something special to do. It is a perfect way to get the options they need. it is just a way that individuals can get the ice rink experience they need when participating in a fun indoor venue. it is just one of the ways you can find the fun that you are looking forward to. It is just a way to take the family out and let Florida children experience some of the fun of skating and enjoying some of the fun that kids in the North. it is just one of the special ways to get the options that you may like to take advantage of. See why this local rink has become a seasonal and holiday favorite. Go to the Baytowne Ice Rink and Enjoy!

Level 9 Tournament Hosted at Tops'L Beach Manor

20 Entry Level Players Experience Tournament Style Match at Tops'L

The excitement of playing in a tennis match is irreplaceable and recently a Florida resort provided an opportunity for young tennis players to experience it! Held in Miramar Beach at Tops'L Beach Manor, this entry level tournament provided the chance for twenty youths to try out their tactical, technical and physical skills on the court.

Geared for players at the beginning level, this was a Level 9 event (once referred to as ROGY, which is a system that ensures that appropriate rackets, balls, court size are provided for children so they can be successful). Florida’s United States Tennis Association or USTA have created various tournament levels which are based on an individual’s skill. For example Level 1-6 are for those who are experienced, while Level 7 are suited for players of intermediate skills and Levels 8 and 9 focuses on new players The Level 9 (L9) tournament events are a wonderful way for children to be there on the court and gain experience in a tournament environment, but without the intense pressure. This can be the greatest feeling they can get! For these L9 competitions, balls are used which have dots on them in colors of green, orange or red, according to the skill and age of the child playing in the entry level event.

Normally the tournaments comprised of L9 Levels last one day to half a day. These events consist of timed matches just like the professionals and held in front of a crowd of fans. Besides the skill and knowledge the child gains, the environment is reassuring, fun and they are meeting other children who share their passion for tennis. The criteria are that the players are knowledgeable regarding how to rally, serve and determine scores.

While participation certificates are given, the entire event offers a format consisting of “no elimination,” so no points are awarded that indicate ranking, plus court monitors are placed to help children. However prizes such as wristbands and hats were presented to those children who displayed an exceptional Best Serve, Fastest Feet and Sportsmanship, a trait important for youngsters. The Director of Tennis for Tops'L Beach Manor, Joe D’Aleo is impressed with these tournaments and hopes to see Florida organizers plan more of them in the future.

Tops'L will be hosting the Level 9 Fall Classic on Saturday, May 7, 2016.

December Tennis Events at Tops'L Beach Manor

The holiday season is upon us, and here’s what’s going on at Tops'L Beach Manor this December!

The resort will be hosting its regularly scheduled Saturday Morning Round Robins this month, with six dates to choose from. Thanks to the holidays, three of these dates come with a special twist. On December 11, take part in the Toys for Tots Charity Round Robin to benefit this great cause. Hit the courts the day after Christmas for a special Merry Christmas Round Robin. Or, how about ringing in the New Year with a fun tennis match? Close out the year with a special New Year’s Eve Round Robin. This event is sure to get the New Year started off right at Tops'L Beach Manor.

For those players who don’t want to wait until Saturday to show off their tennis skills, Tops’L offers daily and weekly clinics. The helpful staff will be glad to answer your questions and Tops’L Tennis Professionals are on hand to help you keep your skills sharp.

Want to play tennis but don’t have the right equipment?

Tops’L offers tennis supplies for sale or rent right on site. Plus, the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Ten courts are lit, so tennis enthusiasts can continue their games even after dark. After your day of tennis is done the resort offers fine dining and pristine beaches to make your stay complete.

There is always something to do at Tops'L Beach Manor, and December 2015 is no exception. Whether you’re just staying for the holidays or a member of the club, this resort has all your tennis needs covered. Located in beautiful Miramar Beach, Tops’L is the place to go for tennis instruction and lively events. It’s easy to see why Tops’L is ranked in the top 25 of the top 100 tennis resorts in the world.

12 Nights of Lights

Enjoy Christmas In Destin For 12 Nights

Christmas is coming up and it's a wonderful time of year, to spend with family and friends. Destin provides a wonderful climate to get out and bring your family and friends out to enjoy Christmas lights, entertainment, and much more. Build a bond with your children or show your co-workers a nice time. We offer a beautiful array of Christmas lights never seen before anywhere else in the world. Enjoy the 12 Nights of Lights, Wednesday, December 2nd through Monday, December, 28th. We offer endless possibilities in the village. We offer a wonderful one of a kind opportunity to enjoy the ocean alongside your Christmas festivities.

Why Destin For Christmas?

Guests enjoy a great vacation retreat and traditional events for the locals. Destin always has a great climate and visible beautiful skies to enjoy in the day time or at night. They have wonderful locals that offer a friendly village community. In fact, the 12 Nights of Lights will be a once in a lifetime event. Remember, the sky is the limit and there is always something to do in the village.

Main December Attraction:

12 Nights of Lights
Wednesday, December 2nd through Monday, December, 28th
Time: 6,7,8pm Location: Events Plaza
Cost: Free

Every Friday and Saturday, we have festive lights that will set the mood for Christmas. Enjoy a wonderful lights show and great holiday music. December won't be the same on Friday and Saturday lights, leading up to Christmas, at 6,7, and 8pm. You don't want to miss out on this star studded event with your family and friends. Come out and spark something special under the Christmas lights and meet someone new. This sparkling event will be featured during the holiday editions of Wednesday Night Concert Series at 7pm. It's an event the whole family will enjoy.

Show dates: 2,4,5,9,11,12,16,18,19,23,25, and 26th

Choose any day you want to come out and enjoy the festivities. The fun isn't over on Christmas day, we still have one more showing the day after Christmas, to relive Christmas morning all over again, one more time before the New Year. We encourage you to come out and celebrate with us. There is a host of other events going on in and around the Village, for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

Other Village Activities:

Adventure Land Playground

Relax, while the kids find endless playtime on the nautical themed playground. Never worry about your kids safety. It is fenced in, for the kids to swing, run, climb, and jump, for hours. This is a wonderful activity to explore while your waiting to see the Christmas lights.

Baytowne Adventure Zone

Enjoy beautiful views of the area and (5) more reasons to hang around waiting on the 12 Nights of Lights Event. It has a spectacular ariel view, that takes you across the lagoon. We offer fun on the Christmas holidays, testing the strength and agility of the entire family. In fact, why not zipline across the lagoon? All of our events are reasonably priced at or under $20.00 for adults, and discounted rates for events that allow children.

-Baytowne Zipline
-Sky Tykes
-Golf Challanges
and much, much more.

Still haven't found enough to do leading up to the Christmas lights event? Experience Baytowne Live. Our new renovated arts and entertainment law offers our guests a brand new stage. Guests can appreciate one of a kind art, live entertainment, and interactive entertainment. Just across the lawn, the kids can enjoy the Laser Maze and Blast Arcade. The arcade offers over 60 games, guests can win tickets and collect prizes. However, we always find the big kids love it just as much. Parents quickly find themselves in competition with the kids at this event.

If you're looking to slow down, enjoy the ride on the carousel. This ride puts a smile on every kids face. They have zebras, dragons, and reindeer's. Your child will find endless reasons to use their creative imagination on this ride. This ride comes alive with beautifully placed lights and kid-friendly music, that parents will approve of.

Parents can enjoy John Wehner's Village Door NightClub before or after the event for a great happy hour event, available everyday. In fact, adults enjoy free drinks every night between 8-9:30pm. The 12 Nights of Lights event offers great amenities nearby, that can't be compared to any other.

Graffiti and the Funky Blues Shack offers a great place to dine before or after the 12 Nights of Lights event. Wine & Dine for $39.00 per couple. Guest enjoy great music and a wonderful local cuisine. Enjoy the best food on the Emerald Coast.

Menu Includes:

-Starter Dishes
Clam Chowder, Fried Calamari, Smoked Tuna Dip, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Shrimp
(all under $20.00)
Greek, Entree, and Caesar Salads
(all under $10.00)
-Kids Meals
Grilled Chicken, Mac N Cheese, Fried Shrimp and Fetti Mariana
(all under $10.00)
-Gourmet Pasta and Entrees (all of them are served with a salad)

There is so much to do before and during the 12 Nights of Lights event. There is lodging available for anyone that wants to stay over with us for a few nights. Make it a mini vacation. This is a great time to bring the family and/or your friends and celebrate Christmas with us. We over a friendly certified staff that is there to assist you with all your needs. Bring your camera and come out and take pictures of all the activities, lights, and fun. Capture that once in a lifetime moment that you're creating with the people that you loved, while your celebrating Christmas. We love our guests and have tailored 12 Nights of Lights around what our customers want.

Enjoy 12 Nights of Lights, a Christmas event to remember.