Level 9 Tournament Hosted at Tops'L Beach Manor

20 Entry Level Players Experience Tournament Style Match at Tops'L

The excitement of playing in a tennis match is irreplaceable and recently a Florida resort provided an opportunity for young tennis players to experience it! Held in Miramar Beach at Tops'L Beach Manor, this entry level tournament provided the chance for twenty youths to try out their tactical, technical and physical skills on the court.

Geared for players at the beginning level, this was a Level 9 event (once referred to as ROGY, which is a system that ensures that appropriate rackets, balls, court size are provided for children so they can be successful). Florida’s United States Tennis Association or USTA have created various tournament levels which are based on an individual’s skill. For example Level 1-6 are for those who are experienced, while Level 7 are suited for players of intermediate skills and Levels 8 and 9 focuses on new players The Level 9 (L9) tournament events are a wonderful way for children to be there on the court and gain experience in a tournament environment, but without the intense pressure. This can be the greatest feeling they can get! For these L9 competitions, balls are used which have dots on them in colors of green, orange or red, according to the skill and age of the child playing in the entry level event.

Normally the tournaments comprised of L9 Levels last one day to half a day. These events consist of timed matches just like the professionals and held in front of a crowd of fans. Besides the skill and knowledge the child gains, the environment is reassuring, fun and they are meeting other children who share their passion for tennis. The criteria are that the players are knowledgeable regarding how to rally, serve and determine scores.

While participation certificates are given, the entire event offers a format consisting of “no elimination,” so no points are awarded that indicate ranking, plus court monitors are placed to help children. However prizes such as wristbands and hats were presented to those children who displayed an exceptional Best Serve, Fastest Feet and Sportsmanship, a trait important for youngsters. The Director of Tennis for Tops'L Beach Manor, Joe D’Aleo is impressed with these tournaments and hopes to see Florida organizers plan more of them in the future.

Tops'L will be hosting the Level 9 Fall Classic on Saturday, May 7, 2016.